Going To The Pictures

Exchanging jam jars and running errands

“I went to the Palace in Marsh lane. We would have tarpaulin muster and send one of us in to open the door and we all bunked in the doorman wore a glittering uniform and an officer type coloured cap his name was Sunny? We would come out slapping or bums, giddy upping down Marsh Lane. We would take jam jars to Dalby’s scrap yard in Salisbury road, and run messages from the shops to get our picture money. Roy Rogers gabby/ Hayes /Tex Ritter/ Lone Ranger Gene Autry all my hero’s, when I grew up to find Randolph Scott and Gabby Hayes were gay – still don’t believe it.

Sun Hall, Gainsborough, Muncaster Irlam road / the Carlton. There are only 3 cinemas left in Bootle, still in use for other purposes what are they and where are they? We also got 6 pence for going for coke from the gas works, and that’s the only time you would see a Marsh Lane lad push a pram…”

Tommy Watson