Going To The Pictures


As well as gathering information about cinema heritage through the memories we have recorded, our research has led us to many places including,  archives, libraries and sources of information through he Internet.


Below is a list of some of the resources we have used and would like to akcknowledge and suguest as sources for further information.


Sefton Record Unit - Crosby Library, Crosby Road North Waterloo

Micro film, archive photographs, Newspaper articles, maps, Gores Trade Directories and much more a fantastic resource for local history research within our community.


Liverpool Records Office

Micro film, archive photographs, News per articles, maps, Gores Trade Directories, legal and archival documents


Picture Palaces of Liverpool Harold Ackroyd
North West Film Archive


North West Sound Archive


British Film Institute


Screen online


Cinemas and cinema going : WWII and beyond.


Art house and Repertory


More Screen More Choice


The First Super CInemas


Cinema Legislation


Criticism : 1930′s movies for millions


The 1930′s Theory and Debate


The Rise of the cinemas


Censorship and regulation


The First Super Cinemas


Cinemas and cinema going – Proliferation


Cinema treasures website – http://cinematreasures.org


Brian Hornby  – Cinema Essays


The National Archives – A century of British Censorship


Arthur Lloyd Website


Are they Safe at the CInema – Janet Hills


Committee on Children and the Cinema 1948 document excerpts


Children and the Cinema – Frank Tyrer – Document in support of the committee on Childhood cinema goi


British Cinema Essays – Sarah Street


Going to the Pictures – British CInema and the Second World War – Mark Glancy


Institute of HIstorical REsearch – www.history.ac.uk


Children’s Film Foundation


The Cinema Museum




A history of British Newsreels – Luke McKernan


The Influence of the Cinema on young adolecents -UNESCO


Film History an introduction – Kristen Boardwell & Kristen  Thompson


Cinema an international history


British Newsreels – www. Turnipnet.com


The Heritage film and Gendered Spectatorship – Claire Monk


Picture palaces – Marion Gomes


Picture Palaces – Denis


Cinema Heritage Group




Powell and Pressburger pages


Moral and Social aspects of the CInema – Http://archive.org/bookreader


The CInema; it’s present position and future POsition


Kine Weekly


http:// terramedia.co.uk




Juvenile Delinqueny (Hansard 2nd November 1945)


Palaces for People – film magazine


100 years of film magazines Lisa Stead and Phil Wickham


Bill Morris archive cinema memorabilia collection


Keith Rose Cinema Archive


Steve Ellison – film and cinema historian



Moral and Social aspects of the Cinema – Http://archive.org/bookreader


The Cinema; it’s present position and future Position


Kine Weekly – various editions


http:// terramedia.co.uk