Going To The Pictures

Cinema audiences

Cinemas catered for different audiences within the community in a number of ways. From the Saturday children’s matinees – showing a program of exciting adventure style films, cartoons and serials which would leave the children on a cliff hanger each week ensuring the children returned to the cinema the following week and playing games relating to what they had watched.

To the Saturday evening film program which would provide a full night of entertainment often including two films and a newsreel in a warm, safe, luxurious environment at a reasonable price. The cinema was often a very popular place for first dates and courting couples.

To the mid week rolling film program. Showing films from a Monday to Wednesday, with a different film on a Thursday to Saturday and a special program of a Sunday.

The Pictures were a place for families to go to be entertained, informed and find out about national and world events.

Cinemas provided a full afternoon or evening’s entertainment which was considered to be good value for money – an affordable luxury.