Going To The Pictures

“We are the ABC Minors happy girls and boys ….and we were”

“I was born in 1952 – as a young girl, I was a ‘very’ proud ABC Minor and wore my badge with pride!  I was at the Regal in Litherland every Saturday morning without fail. I remember the wonderful sense of ‘belonging’. I loved singing the the song ‘We are the ABC Minors, happy girls and boys……’ – and we were!!!

In 1959 when Ben Hur was advertised I was desperate to go and see it but my Mum said I wasn’t old enough.

In the 60′s groups of us would think nothing of walking from Litherland,  to and from the Odeon in Crosby and the Gaumont in Bootle to see all the new films.

In 1968, I went out on my first ‘proper’ date, what did we do?  We went to see Oliver! I’ve still got the programme!!


My Dad was born in 1919 he used to tell me he used to collect jam jars to get into the ‘pictures’!!!!

I realise what a big part of my growing up revolved around the local cinemas!”


Jean Livingstone