Going To The Pictures

Twicer ice lollies and the National Anthem

Dot Sharp (now living in Canada!) contacted us to share her memories of cinema:

“My brother and I would run as fast as we could on our 5 and 6yr old legs from Bark Road to the Regal on Church Rd. with our sixpenny bit cluched in our hands :-) It was the high light of our week :-) Don’t recall what was my fav show (my brother loved The lone ranger and Tonto)I think I just loved the feeling of belonging :-) Loved the bits when the bad guys were winning and we all had to ‘BOOOOOOOO’ or when the good guys were winning the ‘HURRAY’  We came out tired but Happy.

Here’s the naughty bit!! for some reason I was fixated with English Martyrs Catholic church, It was always open back then. I would drag my brother in with threats of his life if he dared to speak once inside. Off we would wander in awe of the many statues inside. Aaaaaah bliss. Then back home to reality.

Can’t imagine a 5-6 yr old being allowed to make that track these days different world, different times back then. Forgot to add the bit about after the film was over (wonder if they still do this in England now?) There was about a 60 second delay after the movie before they started playing ‘God Save The Queen‘ there was a mad dash for the exits in that 60secs. Interestingly enough as soon as the first note struck, not a single child moved,  Also forgot, the ice lolly of the day was a Twicer (it had 2 sticks and you could bash it on the side of the seat and get 2 perfect lollies If you were rich you could get a little tub of ice cream with a wooden spoon :-)

I now live in Canada but still consider Litherland my home.”

Dot Sharp