Going To The Pictures

Spending pocket money on our favourite films

Regal Cinema, Litherland: pay day pocket money in hand and off to the pictures, it was nine pence to get in, with my friends who lived locally. One favourite film was ‘Singing in the Rain’, starring Gene Kelly – a great film. All the way home we sang the theme song and at every lamp post we said we would swing around it until we came to the ‘chippy’: 3 penneth of chips. What joy, blown the rest the rest of that week’s pocket money. Next it was to the Stella Cinema, Seaforth to see Betty Davies and Paul Hendried in ‘Now Voyager’ – plenty to talk about all week. Another favourite was Deborah Kerr in ‘An Affair to Remember’, you felt you had a great night out. Laurel and Hardy made us laugh so much our sides hurt. One night, on the way home I lost the heel of my shoe, hobbled home and got a good telling off from Mum. But we did love the cinema – Happy Days.”

Anne Price