Going To The Pictures

Influence of film stars on fashion and lifestyle

From 1930 through to 1960’s the main influence in films came from America and showed many glamorous beautiful film stars gracing the screen, not only through the films but also through the news reels as well.

The newsreels would show the stars at premieres and openings of special events living a life of luxury or in their elaborately furnished homes, wearing and showing the latest fashions and hairstyles. This was a world away from the cinema goers in austerity Britain who would watch often in admiration and aspiration.

The lives of the film stars were a big draw to audiences who wanted to live and look like their matinee idols living the film star dream, but in reality this was a far cry for many of the working class cinema goers at the time.

The use of heavy makeup, costumes and lighting helped enhance the look of the female film star and gave an unrealistic image of what the women looked like, just as today with air brushing and digital enhancement techniques.

below image of film star Doris Day
doris day

The clothes and styles of the stars would have a big influence, even the bodily shapes of stars would be hankered for by the cinema goers. Film star style often led fashion tastes and trends. Females would try to copy the stars styles such as Doris Day, Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe.

below image of Jane Russel poster for the film ‘The Outlaw’

Whilst the males would hope to copy their favourite stars through the clothes they wore such as James Dean in the white T shirt and Jeans and by getting hair styles such as ‘The Tony Curtis’

below image of tony curtis whose hair style was admired and copied
tony curtis

below image of cult film star James Dean