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Female stars of the screen through the decades

Below is a selection of some of the fabulous female film stars which have graced our screens through the decades.

Mary Pickford “America’s Sweetheart” besides being one of the biggest silent screen stars also helped to form United Artists Studio in 1919, with her husband Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and director D.W. Griffith.

below an image of Mary Pickford

In Hollywood in the 1930’s there was only one woman amongst the major film Directors – this was Dorothy Arzner. She worked with some of the biggest stars of the time Clara Bow, Frederick March, Katherine Hepburn, Sylvia Sydney and William Powell to name but a few.

below an image of film director Dorothy Arzner
dorothy arzner

Another female director was Ida Lupino who was also an actress, she was born in England and went to Hollywood in 1934 and appeared in a number of noticeable films before finally ending up behind in the camera in the 1950’s.

below image of Ida Lupino

Actresses have always appeared in the annual top ten box office stars
Female stars of the 1930’s
In the 1930’s amongst others were Marie Dressler, Janet Gaynor, Joan Crawford, Shirley Temple, Claudette Colbert, and Myrna Loy

below image of joan Crawford
Joan Crawford at Desk

Female stars of the 1940’s
In the 1940’s amongst others were Bette Davies, Judy Garland, Greer Garson, Betty Grable, Ingrid Bergman

below image of Bette Davis

Female stars of the 1950’s
In the 1950’s amongst others were Doris Day, Esther Williams, Susan Hayward, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly.

below image of Doris Day from the film Calamity Jane

Female stars of the 1960’s
In the 1960’s amongst others Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, Sandra Dee, Shirley Maclaine, Julie Andrews.

below image of Elizabeth Taylor from the film Cleopatra from 1963

There were a number of actresses of course who appeared in the top ten lists across a number of decades.