Going To The Pictures

Confessions of bunking in at the Pictures

Bunking into the Pictures is a common theme remembered by cinema goers of the 30’s to the 60’s is that of ‘bunking in’ or not paying to get into the children’s matinees. One child would pay and upon entering the cinema would proceed to open a fire escape side door or window in the toilets and allow the rest of their friends to enter without paying. This practice was well known by the cinema staff and was often overlooked as they probably felt sorry for the children who could not afford the matinees.

Another common theme and something which wouldn’t happen in modern society was the practice of asking adults {often strangers} to take you into the cinema if you wanted to see an ‘A’ or ‘H’ rated certificate film. Young people would stand outside the cinema money in hand and say
“Will you take us in Mr.”
“Can we walk in in with you Mrs”

Sometimes obliging adults would take the young film fans into the cinema but other times they would not.

Many of the films classified as an ‘A’ – Adult Certificate or ‘ H’ for Horror back then would now be a ‘U’- Universal or ‘PG’ Parental Guidance rating.