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The ABC Film Review

The ABC Film Review was first published in 1950. ABC was the name of the circuit (Associated British Cinemas) that launched the magazine as publicity medium for the films that it was showing and copies were sold in cinemas only.

Cover FRJune 1962 web

As a publicity medium Film Review unashamedly – but understandably praised all the films and dealt only with those showing on the ABC circuit. By the 1960’s regular features included items on fashion, record reviews, and Peter Noble’s famous “Can You Beat the Expert section”.

Film Review Aug1962 web

In 1972 the letters ABC were dropped and he magazine was now available to buy in cinemas belonging to the Rank Chain, and obviously now included films available to watch in Rank cinemas

Film Review1950 cover web

Over the years the magazine went through a number of publishers and by the 1990’s was available to be bought in newsagents.

Cover FR Sept 1962 web