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Souvenir Film Brochures (2)

A further selection of film brochures that were available to buy in cinemas. They were generally sold during the initial release of what at the time were described as film “Epics” they helped promote the film and were often quite detailed and glossy publications. They would contain information about the stars in the film , the director and details about how the film was made. They would also contain photographs from the film and sometimes provided background information if the film was based on a true story.

Souvenir Brochure This is Cinerama web

Souvenir Brochure Solomom and Sheba web

Souvenir Brochure The Alamo web

Souvenir Brochure Can Can web

Souvenir Brochure The Wonderful World of the Brs Grimm web

Souvenir Brochure The Longest Day web