Going To The Pictures

No supersized popcorn or giant fizzy drinks

Sweets and refreshments at the cinema were quite a treat for many of the child cinema goers growing up through the 30’s to 60’s. For several of these years sweets were on ration {up until 1953} and for many families money was quite tight.

Confectionary sold in the cinemas at the time was quite limited compared to today’s standards. Sweets, popcorn, Ice lollies such as Lions Maid and Twicers were available and ice creams sold in small tubs would be a special treat. Drinks such as orange or blackcurrant were available in cartons sold by brands such as Kia ora.

Ice creams and refreshments would be sold within the cinema by usherettes. Who would carry a large tray containing the treats to sell whilst standing at the front or within the aisles of the cinema.

Refreshments were also available from the kiosk within the foyers of most cinemas and cinema staff would sometimes get commission on sales.

As well as refreshments some cinemas also sold Film magazines, these would keep the cinema goers informed about the latest film releases, fashion and news about their favorite stars.

Some cinemas would also sell cigarettes and tobacco products as smoking was once permitted in cinemas. It would often be endorsed by the celebrity film stars on the screen and through magazine and newspapers.