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The Electric Picture Palace

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The Electric Picture Palace once stood on Bridge Road in Litherland. It was built as auction rooms and became a cinema opening in December 1910 following a change of aquisition of ownership and refurbishment to the building. The refurbishment also included the installation of including electric lighting.

The manager at the time was a man named WJ Moxton, who was said to have supplied excellent programs of entertainment to the patrons.

It was one of Liverpool’s shortest surviving cinemas lasting for only 3 years before it was destroyed by fire in July 1913.

Mr. Moxton went on in 1913 to become the manager of the newly built Palladium Cinema situated down the road.

The Gores Directories 0f 1910 – 1912 mention the Electric Picture Palace and have it situated at 19 -21 Bridge Road.The site today is empty and adaptions to the layout and round about and road structure in the area have made it difficult to pin point the exact location.

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